Power Solitaire VR

Power Solitaire VR is a delightful version of the Klondike solitaire card game that introduces unique game play only possible in Virtual Reality. Play alone, against an intelligent robot, or live multiplayer with others online. It’s a social VR game the whole family already knows how to play.

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Power Solitaire VR is lively,

 immersive, competitive,

social, and a ton of fun!

Not your mother’s solitaire! Power Solitaire VR is solitaire but with a twist! In its unique online social multiplayer mode (with live voice chat) place your cards onto anyone’s piles, if you can beat them to it. The action escalates quickly, becoming fast and competitive. Of course, you can also play regular relaxing solitaire alone.

Power Solitaire VR is lively, immersive, competitive, social, and a ton of fun! Includes lots of little VR surprises in each environment. This is a seated (or standing) VR experience and requires hand controllers.

A VR game the whole family already knows how to play

You don’t play solitaire? Well, maybe your parents do!

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  • Play Klondike solitaire like real-life in a virtual room
  • Competitive Power Solitaire mode against up to 3 other players and/or a robot
  • Multiplayer includes voice chat and real time virtual avatar interactions
  • Easily configure play area for personal size and comfort
  • Fun VR surprises and interactive playfulness throughout!
  • Requires a virtual reality headset and hand controllers
  • This is a seated (or standing) VR experience
Selected Reviews

“Reminds me a lot of I Expect You To Die, especially the visuals and interactivity”
~ Matt Schoen, Unity Labs

“Great and relaxing way to play this classic card game :)”
~ Nabuko San, YouTube Press Start to Begin

“Amazing! Wonderful design and it works perfect!”
~ Derek Flakenstein, Dj Han Solo Mix-Master

Enter Into The World Of Solitaire

A Casual VR Game

“This Is Very Clever”

Multiplayer footage of a guy and his friend playing the first release of Power Solitaire VR

“A Well Made Game”

Two guys playing the Oculus Go Version of Power Solitaire VR

Simple Game Play

A game-play video of the single version of Power Solitaire VR