Google’s seurat tool is powerful but it lacks the ability to render HDRP scenes, until now. I’ve updated the unity seurat plugin so it can render scenes that use the HD Render Pipeline.

The Challenge

The original plugin depended on using the “Render with Shader” function which doesn’t work in the scriptable render pipeline. To get around this, first I had to create a quasi render pipeline that plugs into a custom render pass on a camera. In the custom pass, I use the replacement material function, however, all custom properties are removed when using a replacement material. So, I created a script that caches all of the material properties in the scene and then can be used to reset the properties once the materials are replaced. Since we are no longer using a replacement shader, we can’t use the replacement render tag, so I had to modify the shader that is used to render the world space normals.

Let me know if you want a more detailed video on how to do this in your own project.

The Results

The results are less noticeable in VR, and the softer render prevents anti-aliasing, since headsets display at a lower resolution.

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